Create a healthier habit this year.

The start of a new year provides an opportunity for change and also a moment to make the choice of becoming better versions of ourselves. Why not use this occasion to pick up a habit you'll forever cherish? It is a proven fact that adding a reward to any objective increases the chances of achieving it significantly. That's how we have designed this challenge for you.

How does this work? 


All readers who register for the challenge will be given a time-tracking portal to track their reading time each day. Readers simply have to turn the portal on when they start reading. The duration of each reading session should be at least one hour.

The portal has been designed in a way which will help you get the most out of your reading sessions, like an in-built library, a background music recommending Spotify tool, in-built dictionary, and much more.

You will be provided with extra time in case you're not able to read on any day.

Here's what you'll get after you've completed the challenge:


Certificate Of Participation

We will send a Certificate to each participating reader, which will be signed by one of our published authors.

The 21st Century Jane Austen Reader's Award

Every participating reader who completes the challenge will be awarded with the our limited edition trophy of tributary The 21st Century Jane Austen Reader's Award, that honours your accomplishment. Once you've completed the challenge, the trophy will be shipped to you. This one will definitely stand out among your achievements!

A Wooden Bookshelf Filled With Handpicked Books


We are having only 50 slots for this challenge, which means there will be a total of 50 readers participating. Out of those, we will reward the top 15 selected readers with a tree-shaped wooden bookshelf which will be filled with hand-picked books from the world's most loved authors, along with the trophy. The top 15 readers will be chosen based on multiple factors including reading time, daily consistency, breaks during a reading session (more breaks means less attention during reading), etc.



Please note! 


Please note the following important points:

  • This challenge is NOT for those who wait for the perfect moment to start reading. This challenge is for those who take a moment and make it perfect.

  • The charges for participation are $39.

  • The last date to register is 28 January, 2022.

  • The challenge will start from 29 January and will continue till 18 February 2022.

  • All your queries have been answered in the FAQs below, but if you have any more queries, please raise a ticket here with subject "Readathon US" (subject line is important).

Everyone who participates and completes the challenge will be awarded with the trophy.

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Only 19 slots left!


Q 1. Is this a one-time fee or do I have to pay anything later?


As we have mentioned on our website, this is a one-time fee and you do not have to pay any other amount whatsoever.

Q 2. Why is there no pause button in the time tracking portal?

In order to encourage you to have an uninterrupted reading session, we have removed the pause button from the portal. You can only end the reading session when you're done reading for the day.


Q 3. How much time will it take for the award to reach me?


It usually takes less than a month for your award to reach your doorstep.


Q 4. I have paid for my registration. What to do now?

Thank you for completing your registration! Kindly check your email inbox for the confirmation email and further information.

Q 5. Which books can I read? Do I have to read from the library provided in portal only?


You can read any book you like. It can be from any genre; fiction, non fiction, poetry, biography, etc. And it is not necessary that you use the library in the portal, you can read your own physical books, ebooks, etc. 

Q 6. Can I record multiple reading sessions in a day?

Yes, you can record multiple sessions in a day but make sure to use the same portal that you've received for that day.

Q 7. How much extra time will I be given if I don't complete the challenge on time?


You will be provided with 7 more days to complete the challenge if you are not able to complete your 21 reading sessions in 21 days. Losing the challenge does not make you eligible for the refund of registration fee.

Q 8. When my phone is locked, my timer stops tracking the time. What can I do in this case?

After thoroughly testing the tracker on almost all sorts of devices, we found that some of the devices - mostly iOS - stop the timer when the phone screen is locked. If you face this problem, we request you to turn the auto screen-lock off in your device settings so that the screen remains awake during your reading session and your tracker doesn't stop.

Q 9. How will you know if someone is cheating?

We have a lot of methods for detecting cheaters, but we also recognise that no matter what we do or how we arrange things, people will always be able to cheat if they want to. If someone wants to cheat then they are only really cheating themselves and wasting their money.

Q 10. Is there any hidden benefit you're getting from this contest?

Yes ;) We know that when you receive a stunning trophy, you won't keep it to yourself, you'll share it with your friends, family, social media and other networks - and that means free promotion of our company through word-of-mouth! Who wouldn't want that?

Q 11. How can I be sure that I can trust you with my time and money? And how do I know what your previous clients have to say about you?

In today's work of information, knowing about a company's credibility is the easiest since everything is just a Google search away, and so are we. Being a Govt. of India recognised publishing company, registered under The Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013), we have featured in 30+ leading news portals of the world including Hindustan Times, Zee Business, MarketWatch, The Hindu, Daily Journal and WBOC News. We flaunt our collection of 2100+ (and counting) published books, satisfied authors and thousands of passionate readers. You can find our Google reviews below:

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