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Romanticism + 1: Percy Bysshe Shelley's Iconoclastic Poetic Philosophy

Literature allows man to see his own life within these words, examine it, as if, from a distance - and in the process move towards a greater self-awareness and the art of reading poetry is a meditation in itself ; one cannot understand these poets without a close, meditative reading of their poems. As said by the Geoffrey Hartman - 'There is no other way to read poetry, especially that written by these six- seven poets of the late eighteenth - early nineteenth century, than by making them a part of one's life, so much so that in the reading of their poetry, the reader literally becomes the poet', and among them Percy Bysshe Shelley stands out because he was an iconoclastic poet with non-conforming attitudes. This book of Romanticism by Dr. Ali Mohammadi touches the range of subject matter and their way of looking at poems is far extended what was deemed fit for poetry along with detailed annotations which try to educate the reader in the major intellectual debates around these poems and will suffice to lead the reader to a more intimate understanding of the poet.


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