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Terms of Service

  • The Platform, as well as the content on it, is given "as is." We make no claims or warranties about the authenticity or validity of any of the information given. While we will make reasonable attempts to ensure that any content provided on the Platform is accurate, we will not be held liable for any inaccuracies.

  • We do not review every piece of content that is posted on the Platform. This includes, but is not limited to, comments, blogs, books, and any other type of content. As a result, nothing on the Platform suggests that we accept, endorse, or are aware of any content, including offensive, distasteful, obscene, or unlawful content. Please notify us if you come across such content on the Platform, and we will review it before making a final decision.

  • We make no promise that the Platform, or any portion of it, will always be available to you. You are responsible for backing up and keeping any information or material that you wish to save, subject to these Terms being followed.

  • We are under no duty to seek legal action on your behalf if any content on the Platform or other intellectual property is infringed upon by a third party. This also means that we are not obligated to send any third-party infringement warnings. Regardless of the foregoing, if an infringement of intellectual property occurs on the Platform, we shall delete the infringing material after conducting an inquiry in line with these Terms.

  • We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, in respect of the Platform to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, including, without limitation, warranties of fitness, merchantability, or suitability for a particular purpose.

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