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It is a proven fact that adding a reward to any objective increases the chances of achieving it significantly. That's how we have designed this challenge for you.

Why #Readathon?

Undistractable Reading Experience

Time to finally focus on reading as #Readathon brings you the reading time that’s all about you. Experience the joy of uninterrupted and focussed reading with our specially designed challenge. Among the hustles of the daily life, give yourself the gift of reading.

Get Addicted to Reading

Create an unbreakable habit of reading. This challenge has been designed for you to experience reading like never before. It is bound to make you fall in love with reading, and you can't help yourself but make it a part of your daily life. 

Complete Your TBR (to-be-read) List by 3x Speed

Don't let your reading list take over your life. With #Readathon's interface and lucrative rewards, we've got you covered to read 3x faster than normal, or even 75 books in a year.

Guaranteed Daily Rewards

Earn cool rewards while reading. Reading is fun and guess what? So are these rewards. The more you read, the more you win, it's like a game! The rewards include Amazon gift cards and vouchers, free subscriptions to exclusive newsletters, digital badges, AND FREE BOOKS. How cool is this - for reading a book, you get rewarded with more books. A dream come true for every reader!

The stunning digital badges mark your milestones as you read consistently for 5, 10, 12 days and so on. And we make it a point to send you only the bestselling and award winning books.


Get motivated to read more with a community of like-minded people who share your passion for reading. Have access to a community of readers who love reading as much as you do and find new books with them. It's undoubtedly a great way to read more and share your love of reading with others.

How does this work? 

Time-Tacking Portal


All readers who register for the challenge will be given a time-tracking portal to track their reading time each day. Readers simply have to turn the portal on when they start reading.

The portal is a web application which will provide you with the best reading experience possible. It has been designed to keep you engaged in your sessions by providing features like music recommendations, a, in-built dictionary, and much more. We have made sure to keep it as simple and easy to use so that you have a seamless reading experience.

You will be provided with extra time in case you're not able to read on any day.

Don't Just Read, Reflect

At the end of each reading session, we'll ask you to reflect on what you've just read, and come up with your favourite line from the session. This ensures that by the end of our #Readathon, you'll have gained major takeaways from all of the books that we've helped expose.

The 21st Century Jane Austen Reader's Award

At the end of the reading challenge, comes the biggest reward: the tributary 21st Century Jane Austen Readers Award, that honours your accomplishment. It will be presented to you as an e-momento, and you'll also have an option to order the physical award of the same.




More you read, bigger the rewards

We are having 50 slots in this challenge, which means 50 readers will be participating at once. Among those 50 readers, the top 10 readers will be awarded with a tree shaped wooden bookshelf filled with books. These top 10 readers will be chosen based on who reads the most, reads consistently, reads daily, takes very less breaks during reading sessions, etc.






There's a leaderboard inside the time tracking portal which will announce the names of these 10 top readers.

Please note! 


Please note the following important points:

  • This challenge is NOT for those who wait for the perfect moment to start reading. This challenge is for those who take a moment and make it perfect.

  • The charges for participation are $19 AUD.

  • The last date to register is 20 September, 2022.

  • The challenge will start from 21 September and will continue till 11 October 2022.

  • All your queries have been answered in the FAQs here, but if you have any more queries, please raise a ticket here with subject "Readathon Australia" (subject line is important).

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BONUS: Get an eBook and an audiobook of the bestselling "Atomic Habits" for FREE if you register today before midnight.

Only 27 slots left!
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Only 27 slots left!
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